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Incidentally, this has seventeen songs on it, spanning the Crüe’s entire life, from Too Fast For Love to Generation Swine. It ain’t bad, but sure is annoying. I mean, let’s get real for a minute: Shout at the Devil was a great METAL album; the rest of the stuff, barring a few catchy numbers here and there, just didn’t have the ferocity of “Shout at the Devil” or “Looks That Kill,” both of which are included on this album. Most of the CD comprises those catchy numbers I mentioned: “Girls, Girls, Girls” (what a great song, admit it!), “Dr. Feelgood” (derivative, but pretty heavy for a hair band), “Kickstart My Heart” (a good poser anthem), and “Enslaved” (which I’ve finally been able to hear and like). The rest is möstly those dumb ballads and pop songs (“Same Ol’ Situation” — the song that made me turn off MTV once and for all), “Smokin’ in the Boys’ Room” — hey, why didn’t they cover Sweet instead of Brownsville Station? It would have had more of an edge), and stuff I can’t stand, like “Without You.”

Mötely Crüe has never truly been out of the picture, which is amazing considering that their style of metal had its last hurrah about ten years ago, so you either 1) have all the records already, or 2) don’t want any of the records. And let me say this: whether or not a publication like Ink Nineteen gives this a thumbs up or down won’t mean squat to the Crüe’s sales figures. Hell, these dudes are bullet-proof: killing people while driving drunk, heroin addiction, alcoholism, amateur pornography, wife-beating, jailbirding, changing and changing back singers, and irresponsible flashing of weapons, without a single band member’s death! This band has a golden horseshoe up their collective asses. No address given, but you’ll be able to find this one everywhere.

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