First Summer

Ark 21

Some of the music sent to me, I tell you… But I do listen to everything, and Mynta certainly falls into the “everything” category. They’re a funky Indian-Viking jazz, raga, rap band. This could only happen if a ship carrying a group of cast-off Viking minstrels sailed up the Ganges and wrecked on the shores during some sacred rite. Befriended by the musical Hindus and hypnotized by the scalding vindaloo, the Vikings decided to stay and form a band, Mynta.

That’s probably not how it happened, but it’s as good an explanation as any. Musically, it’s tantalizing tablas, strange saxophones, groovy ghataurs, and raucous rap. Well, the rap isn’t so prevalent, but the music has a definite hip-hop flair. I was expecting to hear some upbeat tunes along the lines of Monsoon, but Mynta keeps more towards mysterious, slow droning chants to Hindu deities. A great one for you “world beat” folks out there. It’s relaxing and stimulating, exotic and yet close to home -if you live near an Indian restaurant. Ark 21, 3520 Hayden Ave., Culver City, 90232

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