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What’s On Your Mind?


What’s On Your Mind? is the lovechild of producer and composer Jay Denes. This sensually alluring and emotional album of love songs is merely a conviction of Denes blessed good sense and well-developed aesthetics wherein he is equally blessed with the good fortune of working with not one but two exquisite vocalists in the form of Ada Dyer and Catherine Russell, both of whom are deities in the vocal arena.

The most popular track is the breakthrough club hit “It’s Love,” penned by Denes and sung by Dyer. Her angelic tone is capable of summoning the heavens themselves while the song’s subject manner stirs analytically and introspectively into the dynamics of a personal relationship. What’s more is that “It’s Love” has been commissioned for remixes and been pimped by Mark Farina on DMC’s United DJs Vol 9 and has garnered hugely positive response worldwide. Recommended for couples who’d prefer to spend their quality time between the sheets rather than between the bassbins. Strong melodies for the lovelorn and lounge sect. OM Records, 245 S. Van Ness, San Francisco, CA 94103

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