Pansy Division

Pansy Division

Absurd Pop Song Romance


Pansies posing as pop stars? That’s what’s happening to this lo-fi, rough and tumble bunch of boys who flagrantly flaunt their feminine sides with a vengeance. With Steve Albini at the helm and a wave of shows with Green Day in their wake, Pansy Division is poised to sail into the sunrise of The Big Time. The passage of time has matured the lads and this release demonstrates more of their commonsensical, philosophical observations of love and life that create a large part of their allure. That and their fun-lovin’ sound which, nowadays, could be the amalgamation of Everclear, early Rolling Stones, and (big shocker) the Wedding Present. Appropriate between-the-tracks sound bytes complement the project and create an aura of continuity. Do stop and smell the Pansies… and listen to them too. Lookout! Records, P.O. Box 11374, Berkeley, CA 94701;

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