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Drag City

Liam Hayes has taken pop music and done something horrible to it. He brought it down with a spear, ripped all distinguishing elements from its carcass, tore out its heart, and is now showing us with a smirk all the pretty things he can do with it. But dammit, there’s a huge piano in the way and I can’t see what exactly it is that he’s doing to it. Is he smashing it with his fists with each note he plays? Is it cradled in his lap as he presents it with arguments and suggestions? Did he just toss it aside while he was playing this entire album without taking a break to check if it was still pumping? Along the way, I forgot my point altogether and focused my attention on Hayes, but then he got up from his gigantic piano and walked off. I had to get up from my seat to call him back in the room and yell “from the beginning, you.” This time, I wonder how one guy can fill a hall with his voice so majestically without causing a stir. And he just smiles and sort of bobs his head as he presses the keys while his voice wanders. Drag City, P.O. Box 476867, Chicago, IL 60647

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