Puro Eskañol Vol. 1: Latin Ska Underground

Puro Eskañol Vol. 1: Latin Ska Underground

Puro Eskañol Vol. 2: Rice and Beans


Two volumes of spicy Latin-flavored ska that, despite a hefty reliance on previously-released stuff (Mento Buru’s “Ain’t That Right” makes its third showing on Vol. 2), manages to have a lot more highlights than disappointments. Vol. 1 really picks up mid-way through, with outstanding tracks from Los Hooligans, King Chango, Yeska, Los Piés Negros, and Slow Gherkin rescuing the collection from the sluggish start it got from tracks from the likes of Los Skarnales, Las 15 Letras, and a rare dud from the Voodoo Glow Skulls. Vol. 2 fares better as an album, with strong tracks throughout, including favorites from Let’s Go Bowling, Yeska (the only band to appear on both volumes), Hepcat, Monkey, the Allentons, and Los Mocosos, and a better flow between them. Both records are well worth a listen, though, and they won’t even give you gas! Aztlan Records, P.O. Box 247376, San Francisco, CA 94134; AZTLANROCK@aol.com

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