Rock and Roll Tonight

Rock and Roll Tonight

Various Artists

Webster Hall

Rock and Roll? What’s that? Thought it was dead… Everyone’s into “swing,” right? To that I say “harumph”!

Back in the day, oh about three years ago, bands were playing this “rock and roll” music, sometimes at New York City’s Webster Hall on “rock and roll” nights. Featured are songs from “decent” name-folks like Gilby Clarke and N.Y. Loose, the latter coming this close (imagine my thumb and forefinger barely touching) to making it big, as well as Enuff Z’nuff who I will continue to make fun of ever since Rolling Stone called them the next Beatles. In addition, there’s some great local rock, rock and roll, and hard rock from Speed McQueen, Secret Army, B-Fam, Dad’s Porno Mag, the Dogtown Balladeers, Numb, Big Sister, Hot Water, Lourds, and the Zeros. The Loveless, the singer from which I met on a bus traveling to a Chiller Theatre convention, also make an appearance. For those who miss the days of rock clubs and local bands, long hair, tight spandex that looked good and studded halter tops, this compilation will satisfy you. Webster Hall Records, 125 East Eleventh Street, New York, NY 10003

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