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Fat Wreck Chords

Interesting punk rock. Reminds me of, don’t retch, an aggressive Green Day. But really aggressive. Mean-spirited and a lot taller. The song that did it for me was “Ticket” with it’s great, driving power guitars and anthemic chants that appear to be about volunteering for combat duty in recent war. “Time Bomb” and “Bob” are a couple of speedy, mean punk songs, too.

Then things get really weird. “Iyelf Taidu Leikh” is a slower ballad (is that Gaelic?), “Nick Motown” is a ska love song, and “Arshole” is a happy song a bunch of drunken idiots probably came up with before going out and getting in fights before the night is over. “Arshole,” with the classic chorus, “We’re all arsholes, we’re a bunch of fucking wankers,” should be blasted all over town, on huge speakers, from every car. That would wake everyone up, wouldn’t it? It’s songs like that that make frat boys buy punk rock albums…

“All You Need” is the most mystifying song on the record. It’s not punk at all; oh, it’s fast and furious, but it’s like, well, it has the same effect the Moody Blues’ “Ride My See-Saw” has, with mighty, driving, thundering chords and some keyboards straight out of the however-many good Kansas songs. In fact, “All You Need,” if in the right hands of the right people, would blast Snuff to the top of the charts. If you’re into punk, prog-rock, ska, power pop, hard rock, or oi! and all the rest, this will surprise you. Fat Wreck Chords, P.O. Box 460144, San Francisco, CA 94146

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