Strangulated Beatoffs

Strangulated Beatoffs

Strangulated Beatoffs

Skin Graft

[Insert Michael Hutchence joke here.] Don’t catch yourself paying too much attention to the finer qualities of this disc. There’s a razor fine line between groundbreaking, experimental ambient music and just plain annoying cosmic slop. The Strangulated Beatoffs run right up to that line, look you dead in the eye, and give you the bird. What the Jack Officers did for techno and house a few years back, the Beatoffs do for ambient music, giving it the out an’ out irreverence it often deserves. Although this disc reeks more of sardonic wit than true inspiration, who knows? There’s at least a couple of more melody-intensive tracks that could be the dada mickey slipped into the coffee of a dance club near you. One thing’s for certain- more bands need to take themselves this un-seriously! Really awesome shit- and I do mean shit. Skin Graft Records, P.O. Box 257546, Chicago, IL 60625

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