Rare and Remixed


Stryke is one of those extremely mentally-challenging artists for those adverse to the ambient and organic. On Rare and Remixed, we get to hear some of the best examples of how beautifully crafted Stryke’s ambient adventures are for the listener. Mixed into two parts, I find myself slipping into an altered state of consciousness while listening to the ambient tracks. Then, starting with the Children of the Bong remix of “Interface Reality,” I start to slip back to being lucid, looking around for club lights, disco balls, big hats, and baggy jeans. Someday, everyone will be demanding such audio pleasure be pushed over club speakers at all hours of the night. Keep your eyes peeled. I might try forcing myself into a few DJ booths in an attempt to get the ball rolling! Adrenalin Records, 122 E. 25th Street, 5th Floor, New York, NY 10010

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