United DJ’s of America 10: Resonance


DMC hasn’t released a prog-trance disc since the inception of the series, way back when Kimball still held a residency at Orlando’s legendary Aahz. In between, they’ve concentrated on the house and funkier end of the dance floor. So this welcomed return to the underground that helped DMC achieve worldwide acclaim is homage to the very roots of the genre — progressive trance.

As usual they’ve snatched the creme de la creme. “Resonance” is a beautifully emotional mix by one of the best DJs in the states, Taylor. This awe-inspiring trance set is one that should be heard by any fan of the electronic genre. It starts with POB and Taylor. “Baba” emits a bassline that extends into the “Union Jack” remix of Simple Minds’ “Waterfront.” It hoists the preceding melody line into an epic treatment, one that UJ have made into a commodity that few are capable of replicating. PMT’s “Turquoise Dreams (Silversonic’s Smashing Dub Mix)” is another stormy track from across the water that fits right in with Taylor’s immensely cerebral sound. Followed by Synchro’s “Power On,” Taylor drops “Get Down To My Technique” by Hallucination recording artist Jackyl and Hyde. It’s a ballsy move that many DJs don’t seem to attempt often enough, mixing straight beats with only the most distinctive and carefully-crafted break tracks.

The man has the skills of a finely-tuned machine. By the time J&H `s “Get Down… ” draws to a close he’s back into a prog-break track, The Light’s “Expand The Room.” Midway through, the melody and basslines return out front in the mix and he’s into his personal arsenal, his latest studio track on Hook entitled “Slide.” If you haven’t heard it yet then you’ll want to buckle up cause it sports a kinetic groove that slips under your skin and affixes itself into your pleasure center.

The remainder of the disc blasts into cuts by Frankfurt’s Oliver Lieb aka LSG, the underground sound of Amsterdamn’s Movin’ Melodies, both of which are huge stars in their own countries. Tracks by Alien Factory, Melonhaus, 1.67, take the sound further and deeper than I have been in quite some time. The closing track by Maria Nayler just taps my brain to the point of synesthasia.

If you’ve never been exposed to trance in the proper environment then pop this in the CD player, loosen up your clothing and prepare for the seductive effects of Resonance. Taylor brings back the basic understanding that music was meant to excite the body and the emotions. Worship him now or suffer in your own sea of inadequate and uninspired music. But whatever you do don’t miss this one! DMC America, 915 Broadway, Suite 1005, New York, NY 10010

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