Texas Terri and the Stiff Ones

Texas Terri and the Stiff Ones

Eat Shit!

Burning Tree

Ahhh, I open the package and there’s a promotional photograph of the band… a bunch of leather-clad toughs who look like they live for rock and roll. What’s this in between them? A naked woman?! Catchy, that… Oh, that’s Terri, the frontwoman. Very cool. (It helps that she’s “hot,” too.)

At first glance or word-of-mouth I’d expect this record to attempt aping the Mentors, what with the nudity and that additional photo of Terri (nude) covered with what look like powdered-sugar doughnuts gracing the CD. But before listening to it, I read the promo material, and besides being into rock and roll, apparently Terri does the nails of the rich and famous as well as performing nude, sort of a female G.G. Allin thing without the excrement.

I had to hear it! So, on it went… Not what I expected. Sure there’s some slutrock, but the majority of the album is ass-kicking New York Dolls’ style punk rock! I mean this is raw punk, REALLY raw, with high-fives to Iggy Pop and the Dictators (they cover “Baby Let’s Twist”). I was thoroughly into their energetic trash punk songs like “Cave Women” (“I’m a Cave women/ my soul is raw/ just like the meat I eat… “), Sad Life (“My mom killed and cooked the family cat… “), and “Oh Yeah!” which is a punk rock love anthem. This cranks, man. Apparently they tour (I just missed them) with a sort of tatooedtrashbondagefest Halloween show. Burning Tree Records, 10938 Magnolia, #227, North Hollywood, CA 91601

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