The Hard Richards

The Hard Richards

On the Move

Red Eye

A fun bunch of ska-punk and straight-ahead punk rock tunes from some of South Florida’s finest. Some of the songs here will put you in the mind of the Dead Milkmen, especially the incredibly catchy ska-punk tunes “Tim’s Song” and “Trendy Little Girl.” Others wouldn’t sound out of place on Lookout! Records, like the bratty-sounding “Punk Rock Show” and “Drinking Time,” both of which remind me of the Queers and very early Green Day. I like the way the band alternates between the ska-punk and punk tunes; switching between fast-paced hard songs like “Polite” and slower, more mellow tunes like “Dog Beach Dub.” The variety doesn’t give you a chance to get bored with any one sound. All in all, a good debut from a band to watch.

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