The World’s Greatest Club Collection!

The World’s Greatest Club Collection!

Various Artists


I HATE THE EIGHTIES! I cannot even begin to explain how much emotion fills my head every time someone starts talking about Eighties night here and there, how great Gene Loves Jezebel was, or how the Eighties must live again. Unfortunately, AlphaWave has found a way to calm me down for a little bit with this CD. Here we have ’80s and ’90s music remixed into extreme “house” versions of the originals. Yes there are tracks by Dead or Alive (uggg), Information Society (ack!), Gene Loves Jezebel (puke), Gary Numan (get me a gun, please), and Bow Wow Wow (somebody is going to die for this!) included here and as you can tell, my sentiments are rather obvious, but guess what? I like ninety percent of what is included on this CD. For the goth/industrial crowd, we even have tracks by Rosetta Stone, Spahn Ranch, and Kraftwelt. If you have ever wanted to be the most popular guy at the club, pick this up and take it in your back pocket. Just don’t let me see you with the original versions. I might freak out. Cleopatra Records, 13428 Maxella #251, Marina Del Rey , CA 90292

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