Twin Obscenity

Twin Obscenity

For Blood Honor and Soil

Century Media

Hmmm, how do I describe Twin Obscenity? How about Black metal? Yup, sounds good to me. Actually it sounds QUITE good to me. I am by no means the black metal expert — however, I can still say what sounds good to me, and this sounds pretty good. Among many of the black metal groups that have come out of late, I have to say that this is one of the more powerful releases that I have heard. The music is just non-stop aggression, I guess that is what you can expect from a bunch of Vikings from Norway. They have a few keyboard pieces overlaid with their guitar solos, but other than that, this is your typical good black metal album. Fans of Dissection would find themselves quite entertained with this release. Century Media, 1453-A 14th St., Suite 324, Santa Monica, CA 90404;

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