Restless and Dead


This is definitely a unique album. It’s tough to describe their style because it’s a blend of so many different aspects of metal. Lovers of old school Venom style music will find themselves just as entertained as your typical open minded death or black metal fan (if such a thing exists). The vocals resemble black metal vocals with a bit more variety and range. The music contains the melodic riffs of solos of yesteryear metal, however it can still keep the music heavy enough to keep up with any release that is put out today. Perhaps the addition of Sharlee D’Angelo of Mercyful Fate has something to do with that. Just don’t pick this album up expecting to hear King Diamond screams, it won’t happen here. All metal fans of any flavor should give this album a listen. Sample the track “Awaiting the Exorcist,” and see if you don’t become an instant fan.

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