X Marks the Pedwalk

X Marks the Pedwalk

Freaks [Reissue]


Freaks was the first X Marks the Pedwalk album. Metropolis has digitally remastered it, and stuck on a few bonus tracks for our enjoyment. It was a good album the first time around on the rare occasion I was able to find someone with a copy of it, but it sounds a hundred times better now that it has been remastered. XMTP has always been classified in the dark electro category by me, except for the most recent releases. For those of you that haven’t been exposed to this album, I would highly recommend checking it out. It’s one of those defining albums for the Zoth Ommog sound. The bonus tracks put this release over the top with the remix of “Paranoid Illusions.” Metropolis Records, P.O. Box 54307, Philadelphia, PA 19105; http://www.metropolis-records.com

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