Alabama Thunderpussy

Alabama Thunderpussy

Rise Again

Man’s Ruin

Imagine hellfire about to engulf your flesh. Now imagine a crowbar embedded in the back of your skull. That overcoming feeling of horror mixed with pain is none other than Alabama Thunderpussy. Brandishing a ferocious penchant for raucous rock ‘n growl, Rise Again shoves its gnarled metal fist up your tight, cautious sphincter. Thanks to masterpieces like “Falling Behind,” “Victory Thru Defeat,” “Jackass,” and “Fever 103,” boondock rock will survive into the next millennium.. This is not schoolboy playing in the bayou crap, but troubled dropout terrifies small rural town with bad attitude crap! Man’s Ruin rules the World! Limp wrists and bleeders are suggested to hold hands while listening. Grrr … Man’s Ruin Records, 610 22nd Street #302, San Francisco, CA 94107

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