Am I Blood

Am I Blood


Nuclear Blast

Classic metal from what must be nothing short of Finland’s Metallica. My theory is that they locked themselves in a room and listened to Master of Puppets and … And Justice For All over and over again until they became those two albums.

The songs on Agitation are full of grinding, crunching relentless metal guitars balanced by vocals that are powerful, yet filled with pathos. The complex solos and instrumentals, especially in the songs “Suffocated Love” and “Negative,” are intricate to a fault!

The subject matter of their songs, all of which are dark journeys into private anguish, makes me wonder if Finland is poised for an epidemic of depressed youths… On “Suicidal Solution” they sing “Struggle with aggression/ the shadows of freedom/ Loaded obsession/ My battle of weakness… Excuses of solitude… Next to necromancers breath/ Escape, my victory… Trip into mystery/ Entrance to pregnancy… ” What the hell is that about? Bringing on your own death to be reborn through the Karmic wheel of sad metal? (Sigh.) Dude, maybe they didn’t lock themselves in a room listening to Metallica all day long, maybe it’s just the fact that Finland lives in six months of darkness out of the year that pushed them this far. I gotta stop reading lyrics… Thusly, fans of True Metal will, literally, get a blast out of Agitation. Nuclear Blast America, P.O. Box 43618, Philadelphia, PA 19106;

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