Call it in the Air

Call it in the Air

Just A Morning Thought


I waited awhile on this one, and now I kind of feel silly for it. I knew the label well, Outback has released a lot of good material over the years (Pohgoh, Eternity comp., Braid etc.) but for some reason I held out, not knowing what to expect. I’ll tell you what to expect from this CD. Quality, sensitive rock. Yep, this is wuss rock at its finest. From the onset, the songs are catchy and listenable, and will stick with you like a velcro afro. This is the indie rock that every hardcore kid is saying killed the scene, but I don’t see the scene dying, I see it expanding. The first song, “Two Suns,” has an aching heart vocal over a hauntingly minimal guitar, making the whole song a brilliant understatement. Other songs stick well to that understated beauty, while some go for the rockier side of the wuss rock. Even at its rockingest, though, this CD can only be described as soft on the listener, and I don’t mean that as some backhanded compliment, I mean it as a first-order compliment. This is exactly the CD you want after a long day to let you down slow, or on a sunny Saturday afternoon. Or better yet, when that guy or girl who caught your eye is a little too far off. These songs stuck with me after one listen, and haven’t really faded from memory yet. They might do the same for you. Outback Entertainment Group, P.O. Box 780132, Orlando, FL Outback Entertainment Group

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