Thirteen Day Getaway


As the former lead singer for the seminal hardcore band Gorilla Biscuits, Civ has orchestrated a bold musical re-invention of the band who shares his name on the group’s sophomore effort, aptly entitled Thirteen Day Getaway. “Owner’s Manual,” “Living Life,” “Using Someone Else,” and “It’s Not Your Fault” stay close to CIV’s hardcore punk roots, but much of this record represents a risky throwback to ’60s-style melodic British garage rock. “Everyday” and “Shout It” have a real Yardbirds feel with the addition of tambourines and Mersey Beat-era keyboards that add some swing (as in fullness) to the arrangements. The smart pop riffs that launch “Secondhand Superstar” owe more to the Kinks than to any modern rock influence. Likewise, “Itchycoo Park” appropriates the name of the Small Faces classic and slaps it on a power punk flipside to that tune (about daydreaming in the park while tripping on acid). As a result, the winsome refrain, “It’s all too beautiful,” becomes an admonishment of self-awareness: “I should have known better/ You can’t hide from Yourself.” Somewhere between the realms of punk and pop are a few tunes like “Big Girl,” that cover ground tread by crossover emo-core bands such as Weston. CIV were recently dropped from their major label, but a band this in touch with the heart and soul of rock and toll shouldn’t have any problem finding representation. CIV aren’t banking on genre loyalty here, they’re out to show their willingness to be experimental with their sound and to prove that they know how to rock. Atlantic Records, 75 Rockefeller Plaza, Second Floor, New York, NY 10019

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