The Sound of a New World Being Born


This is the second Crimpshrine CD to be released by Lookout recently, the first being the appearance of Duct Tape Soup in digital format for the first time. All these songs have been released on various EPs, comps, and such, but are collected together for the first time. It’s the second volume in the documentation of a band that’s been long gone but far from forgotten. Crimpshrine’s another of those legendary Berkeley pop-punk bands that serve as musical signposts for describing bands still. They’ve had quite an impact. I like them because the music is raw, unpolished, honest, sincere, and catchy. The lyrics are a big part of it, too — I like what Aaron Cometbus and Jeff Ott have to say and the manner in which they say it. Roll it all up together with a lot of sweat and grit and it’s a band I can sink my teeth into. One of the classics. Members went on to all sorts of other good bands. This is definitely worth checking out. Lookout! Records, P.O. Box 11374, Berkeley, CA 94701;

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