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Durango 95

triumph of the ILL


“Do you all respect anything at all? Not a goddamn thing!” yes, Yes, and YES!!!!! Move over Beastie Boys. Step aside Korn. Look out hed (pe)! Durango 95 will blow your mind. Davies Productions labels themselves as pure obno, which is short for obnoxious. Though you can hear the hysterical and obnoxious side of Durango 95, there is nothing to laugh about when it comes to the talent and pure power hidden on this completely indie release. By combining heavy thrash guitars and some serious bass heavy beats, we are presented with one of the dopest records of the year. I tried it on for size because DJ Fucar provides the turntables, spoken words, and screams to this album. Ah yeah! With the right promotion and a little touring everyone in the world will be exposed. So get ahead of the pack now! For once being a musical elitist will pay off for you. BUY THIS ALBUM! Davies Productions, 7275 Maxwell, Warren, MI 48091;

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