Decoded Feedback

Decoded Feedback



From the darkest corners of industrial/darkwave music comes an impressive collection of pure electronic energy. From the opening soundscape of “Breath” to the ominous dance commander “Ragescape,” eerie layers of synthesizer sequences combine with expert programming to bring the body and mind towards a greater awareness. Closing my eyes, I imagine dance floors packed with PVC-clad rivet heads bopping up & down to the pulsing rhythms of “Machine Kontrol” and “Corrosion” under arenas of thick smoke and laser lighting. While some of the areas of this genre have been explored before, Decoded Feedback stay true to themselves and treat their music with respect and the spirit of innovation. The title track “Bio-Vital” displays the duo’s high-energy style, and aims towards attracting the most critical of electro music lovers. Other surefire crowd pleasers include “Relic” and “Again.” The elements comprising their music stem from analog and digital sources carefully structured into melodious and ever changing kaleidoscopes of musical energy and careful attention to detail. A must have for any electro, industrial, and EBM music enthusiast. Metropolis Records, P.O. Box 54307, Philadelphia, PA 19105;

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