Edith Frost

Edith Frost


Drag City

My tardiness in reviewing this album affords me the luxury of already knowing what others have written. Who cares if the guitar fuzz of the first song marks a departure from her last mostly acoustic melodramatic affair? And yes, the instrumentation is much more varied, but I can’t believe that the reason I’ve been listening to this album so much more than Frost’s first album is due to the addition of a violin on track whatever or steel guitar on track so and so. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe the addition of drums is the key here, but I would like to think that what Frost is actually saying is what has made the difference for me. Let’s move on to another topic for a bit. The voice of Edith Frost is reason enough to hear this. Her voice is confident enough to relax upon execution and let words sink under their own weight. Any sharp edges are smoothed out until they’re seductive and intoxicating. Drag City, P.O. Box 476867, Chicago, IL 60647

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