Liquor Drink

Menlo Park

Imagine, if you will, Bauhaus on speed — a lot of speed. Throw in some DM Bob to give yourself a more contemporary reference. Up to par and along the same vein as the big mac gran’daddy Honeymoon Killers. It’s amazing how much awesome shit one thinks they hear on Liquor Drink. Braniac?!? Fang!?!?!! “What the fuck was that?!?!!” Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing essentially derivative ’bout Frosty. I’m just trying to give ya a something to go on before this band lays waste all you hold holy. Frosty pulls off what ’80s nightmare rockers Might Sphincter could only flirt with. Jus’ when you’re about to give up on nasty gutterpunk-R’n’B noise, yet another band manages to take it to the next level. Menlo Park Recordings, P.O. Box 1652 Cooper Station, New York, NY 10276-1652

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