Go For Broke

Go For Broke

New Music With Old Chords

Good Country People

Solid ska-punk, straight-ahead punk, and hardcore from Atlanta. Go For Broke have a lot of the same energy as bands like MU330 and Less Than Jake, especially on tracks like “Happy, Lookout!” and the brilliantly-titled “Libido in a Speedo.” “The Cartoon Song,” perhaps the only song ever to fuse hardcore, ska, and Woody Woodpecker samples, takes that even further, deep into hardcore-land. Six songs plus two hidden tracks — including a hysterical ska-punk cover of the theme from Beverly Hills 90210 — and some studio silliness tacked on the end. If nothing else, they’ve got character! Good Country People, P.O. Box 720011, Atlanta, GA 30358-2011; Go4brok99@aol.com

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