Mysteries Of Funk


Mysteries Of Funk was voted to be the next soundtrack of the new Star Wars movie by Ink Nineteen‘s 1998 illiterate judge. Grooverider puts together a stunning horror show of intergalactic two-step jazz madness. By now, we drum & bass followers have all heard some jazz fused with jungle. We have also heard distorted analog bass lines that shoot tingles down the spine. Of course, this art of composing was redefined by Grooverider, with the help from the mad engineer/ musician Optical. These lunatics put together a dark two-steppin’ intergalactic traveling experimental jazz double CD album, using vocals sparingly that compare with Bjork’s “Hyperballad.” Coproducer, Optical, has given this album his signature gritty distorted analog bass line that the whole jungle genre is after. Every time I hear this swell of gut-wrenching chug, I yearn for more. I have this strong prophetic vision that in the months to come, people will be making futile attempts to emulate this sound. I have heard rumors that Optical will be coming out with his own album some time this year. If this style of music fits your taste, check out Dom & Roland’s release Industry on Moving Shadow, out now. Sony Music, 550 Madison Ave., New York, NY 10022

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