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Full is “posi-pop.” They never actually explained what that means, although it’s written all over their CD. Yet, from what I can gather from their album, Full is energetic pop-punk with lyrics that you can actually understand, and are, at many times, pretty clever. The album starts off with “Pick It Up,” a song which I’ve had considerable trouble trying to stop from constantly playing over and over in my head. Beginning with the words “I can never seem to make you happy / Because I always leave you alone / The way you make me feel when you smile at me / Just makes me want to run to use the phone,” the song then kicks in the guitar for a very stop-and-go punk-rock love song that almost made me bust out the air-guitar.

I can’t quite put my finger on what gives Full the original sound it has, but with the exception of a few tracks off the album that sound like every other pop-punk song you’ve heard, the band spits out stuff that sounds like only Full could produce them. They sound rather reminiscent of Hagfish, with their goofy spirit, clean sound, and high energy. Yet, there’s something unique about the band. Maybe it’s that “posi-pop” thing. ACME Entertainment, P.O. Box 81491, Chicago, IL 60681

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