Hi Fi and the Roadburners

Hi Fi and the Roadburners

Flat Iron Years ’86-’89


“Before the swing revival of the late 1990’s there was… ” Yeah, yeah, who gives a shit?! I sure as hell don’t, and all this swing shit that’s NEVER been out of the mainstream since it’s invention (that’s at least 50 years on the radio, folks) ought to be shoved up a baboon’s ass!

That being said, my peace being made, I don’t understand why (OK, I “understand” why… ) the publicists want to lump a great Chicago white blues and rockabilly band like Hi Fi and the Roadburners in with the insipid “swing revival” that’s going on right now. This is leather and tattoos, greased hair, raw, driving rock and roll. Those who liked what Robert Gordon and the Stray Cats did pre-1980 will love this collection of songs like “Craw Fishin’,” the classic “Riot in Cell Block #9,” “I Saw the Wolfman,” “Let’s Have a Ball,” and “Cadillac Car.” This is the stuff of off the beaten path, late-night stops during long road-trips. It smokes. Victory Records, P.O. Box 146546, Chicago, IL 60614; http://www.victoryrecords.com

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