Hipster Daddy-O & the Hand Grenades

Hipster Daddy-O & the Hand Grenades

Armed And Swingin’


This CD is everything that’s bad about the swing revival. It’s one big cliche, from the band’s name and album title to the faux gangster routines apparent on the tunes and the cheesy gangster garb they wear. Hipster Daddy-O are a poor clone of the Royal Crown Revue, whose schtick is rapidly growing old, but at least RCR can play well. Hipster Daddy-O don’t even have that going for them. Weak horns, tuneless melodies, and not a hook to be found. Slimstyle is usually a mark of quality in swing, but they dropped the ball this time. Slimstyle Records, 3400 E. Speedway, Suite 118-272, Tucson, AZ 85716; http://www.slimstyle.com

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