Jake Bell

Jake Bell

Synjase (Introducing the Brilliant Guitar Acrobatics of Jake Bell)


Man, what the hell is this? This disc starts out with a thing called “23-Zynvox-2.” Occasionally, I can tell that some of this was played on a midi-guitar. However, it took me a while to figure this out. What gave it away was the brief display of fingertapping flourishes — with a flute sound. A drum beat, some synth chords. Another drum beat, more synth chords. Finally, nine minutes into the disc, there’s actually a typical guitar sound playing a small solo! Almost. At this point, I think I am detecting sarcasm in the subtitle. Maybe not. Someone please tell me what is happening. There are some pretty screwed up drum fills on here. Nice glass-breaking sound. Then there’s a piece called “Wavething.” It’s basically a synthetic beach. This is very legitimate, straightforward, well-executed new age light techno stuff, which completely clashes with the title and jacket artwork. I think I have the wrong CD in the player. Perhaps Ian screwed up. I swear this stuff sounds like Epcot, not a young shredder. Whirlybird Records, 28 Decatur Ave., Annapolis, MD 21403

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