This Afternoon’s Malady

Big Wheel Recreation

I guess every band struggles with the question of whether they’re best represented in the studio or on stage. Jejune wants to be a studio band first and a live band second. I know this because I asked them, and I’ll have to say that I think they are making a huge mistake. Jejune is a damn good (and loud) live band. I’ve seen them about four times now, and every time they manage to keep the whole room at full attention for their entire set. It’s totally impressive, and they need to be slapped around excessively for allowing This Afternoon’s Malady to be released in its current state. I’ve never been this disappointed with a record from a band that I really like. Malady showcases a sleepy, Sunday afternoon version of what sounds like another band covering Jejune songs. I prefer the rockin’ Friday night version of the original article myself. I can’t listen to this record. Jejune’s brand of male/female vocal indie pop sounds weak and uninspired as it is showcased on this recording. The moments where the real Jejune tries to shine through are cluttered with various guitar solos and other studio excesses. When is the live record coming out? Big Wheel Recreation, 325 Huntington Ave, #24, Boston, MA 02115

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