Kevorkian Death Cycle

Kevorkian Death Cycle



The name of this band conjured up bizarre images in my mind prior to listening to the album. To my utter surprise, KDC really shine their talents on this release, with their impressive combination of synthesizers, quality vocals, and production techniques. While the use of accompanying guitars is present on a few tracks, the foundation of their music is centered around darkly programmed electronics combined with near whispered vocals to bring a sense of impending doom and darkness to each song. The hidden gems on this disc can be found on “Static” and “Swallow,” with their ever-changing wall of sound and incredible climactic moments. Darkskies also features the gorgeous slower paced piece “Babylon,” which is ideal when played at maximum volume on your car’s CD player during a late night drive.

“Xenophobe” is a gem that highlights the band’s diverse programming talents while bringing the listener into the more experimental side of the group. Do not let the band’s name fool you — KDC take their electronic wizardry very seriously, and present the listener with a challenging tapestry of electro textures and rhythms to captivate and engulf your every senses. Highly recommended for anyone longing for unpredictable, enjoyable, danceable, and high quality electro music. Metropolis Records, P.O. Box 54307, Philadelphia, PA 19105;

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