Heavy duty jungle slut rock. Which, of course, I can appreciate, since the two babes are of “healthy” proportion, clad in animal skins and “choking fer it.” It is good that in these interesting times girls can get back to their primate man-eating (literally) instincts.

But let’s not judge the book by the cover quite yet… “Nice Cream” starts off the album, and it’s nothing short of a slut rock anthem about male strippers. And that’s where it ends. The remainder of the record is deep rock and roll songs about female pain concerning rape (“Coverup”), heartache (“Amphetamine Blue,” “Toxic Boy,” and “Never Look Back”), gold-digging (“Windy City”), and the ol’ rock and roll crash ‘n burn (“Local Hero”). “Panty Raid,” though, is a cry for sexual freedom that should be shoved up Tipper Gore’s ass — maybe. Madpunx/Lust Fan Club, P.O. Box 5652, Atlanta, GA 31107

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