Mono Puff

Mono Puff

It’s Fun to Steal

Bar/None Records

Apparently, the stuff that’s too unusual for They Might Be Giants makes it into John Flansburgh’s side project, Mono Puff. As you might be able to imagine, that makes the project’s second release, It’s Fun to Steal, quite a mixed bag, but if you’re a fan of TMBG’s quirky pop masterpieces, you’ll be sure to find plenty here to entertain you. Highlights include the Zappa-inspired funk of “Dashiki Lover,” the country-ska of “Hillbilly Drummer Girl,” the Luscious Jackson gone disco flavor of “Extra Krispy” (with a guest appearance from hip hop performance artists Double Dong), and the haunting a capella harmonies of “Pretty Fly.” Those that can’t get enough of the TMBG flavor will appreciate the “S-E-X-X-Y”-like “Creepy” and the chiming, driving “Back-Stabbing Liar.” Of course, die-hard TMBG fans already have this, but if you’re a fan of musical experimentation and diversity, you should give Mono Puff a try – I guarantee you’ll find at least one track interesting, no matter your tastes. Bar/None Records, P.O. Box 1704, Hoboken, NJ 07030;

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