Paul Jones

Paul Jones

The Paul Jones Collection, Vol. 3: Come Into My Music Box

R. P. M.

Paul Jones was the lead singer of Manfred Mann’s group in the mid-’60s when they had their biggest and best-known hit with “Doo Wah Diddy.” This album is part of a reissue series that answers the question, “What ever happened to Paul Jones?” Believe it or not, he put out some pretty decent music when he went solo in the late ’60s, while also starring in some very obscure cult films from the period.

This CD contains all of the songs from Come Into My Music Box, Jones’ third solo album from 1968, with a generous number of singles and rarities from related sessions. Jones was an excellent interpreter of other people’s music as well as a unique songwriter. He does a show tune-y version of Dylan’s “I Don’t Believe You” and a Sgt. Pepper style arrangement of Dylan’s “Wheels on Fire” that rank among the best Dylan covers I have ever heard. Also included here are interesting covers of songs by Donovan, Procol Harum, Junior Walker, and the Foundations. Some surprising appearances by Paul McCartney (on drums!) and Jeff Beck, and one of the earliest uses of sampling – a loop of a Charlie Parker sax solo is used on one tune – help make this collection a real historical curiosity. Although many of the songs on this CD are a bit dated, they would sound right at home next to stuff like Beck’s “Devil’s Haircut” and the soundtrack to Austin Powers.

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