Sacred System

Sacred System

Nagual Site


Bill Laswell is a genius. Recently I came across his Sacred System release Chapter One, and found myself totally immersed in some of the greatest dub music to ever grace my collection. Nagual Site, however, isn’t dub. This time, the influence is Middle Eastern. If you like the ethereal sounds of the late Nusrat, then this release will have you paying homage to Laswell weekly for such divine inspiration. Imagine taking one part dub, one part Middle Eastern chants, one part sexual desire, and one part jazz into a studio. Then proceed to strip, edit, hack, loop, mimic, and effect everything almost beyond recognition. Then take all those new pieces and put them together into a cohesive album. It’s an album well worth the time to find and purchase, because it might get you interested into an entire different genre of music that is every bit as powerful as your previous music. I say previous because this album will have you rethinking your standards of quality. BMG, 1540 Broadway, 37th Floor, New York, NY 10036

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