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Mutant Sound System

Every month it’s the same story. Mutant Sound Systems puts out a CD or two. I spend a good solid paragraph preaching on and on about the wonders of the quality of the label and the release. Then I stress the importance of buying anything and everything on the label. Should I change to something different? HELL NO! Smooth grabs you and fills your mind, body, and spirit with some extremely amazing ambient jungle. With this release, though, we are given separate tracks. You know what that means? Yep, if you are a DJ, your job has just been made extremely easy. If you aren’t, well, you know when the artist’s track begins and ends, and aren’t swayed by a DJ’s representation and mix of the material. This label just flat out rocks beyond belief. Of the labels on the up and coming, I give them until about early summer, when they start selling out of every release because everyone knows they can do no wrong with MSS. Go. Go now. You cannot and will not be disappointed. Mutant Sound System, 67 Irving Place, 3rd Floor, New York, NY 10033;

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