Sturgeon General

Sturgeon General



Great ska-core that’s more on the ‘core (or punk) side, although they more than occasionally venture into dubland. The first couple of songs, “Ska In G” and “Mojave,” mark Sturgeon General as a pretty sophisticated bunch of kids who studied Madness and the Specials along with their regular band lessons while in school. “Saturday” and “Teenage Wedding” are happy, melodic numbers, while “Edge of the Knife” and “Darkness,” equally melodic, has a dark, edgy (pun intended) downright subversive, angry “bad side of town” sound. “She Knows My Name,” “3 AM,” and “Vine Street” are somewhat out of control, either slow blues or spastic, manic lunacy. “Laundry” and “Sourass” are more on the “delightful” or “refreshing” end of the musical spectrum. The sort of music you want to be playing while ordering fancy drinks (the ones that come with lit sparklers) with a relaxed babe at your side. Radical Records, 77 Bleeker Street, Suite C2-21, New York, NY 10012

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