The Kent 3

The Kent 3

Peasant Musik

Super Electro

Peasant Musik is positively alive and ready to serve the dish of the month. Party guests will salivate and gorge themselves to the mad sounds of the Kent 3. Tasty lyrics that cover the evil things the godless enjoy are made with devilish delight. The Pixies, Joy Division, and even Nick Cave seem to have given secret ingredients to this boiling music. “1 Peter 4:3,” “The Bells of Lazaro,” “The Mad Sound,” and “The Searcher” are but some of the main dishes that keep the Kent 3 from the free kitchen lines. Peasant Musik is indeed a feast for a king. Enjoy the spread! Super Electro Sound Recordings, P.O. Box 20401, Seattle, WA 98102

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