The Ladonnas

The Ladonnas

Rock You All Night Long

Scooch Pooch

The CD says “400 RPM,” and they aren’t kidding! Top-notch and top-fuel punk rock, man!

From the get-go, after hearing the first ten seconds of the title track, with guitar melodies strangely similar to the Dickies’ cover of “Nights in White Satin,” I knew this album would add to my growing collection of fantastic punk rock for the year. And it just kept getting better. “No Direction, Just Go” is totally bass-to-the-wall, as are “Thee Inside,” “We Want Your Money,” and “Destruction Man.” Man, the authorities ought to bust the Ladonnas for distributing this digital punk rock meth lab! Scooch Pooch, 5850 West 3rd St., Suite 209, Los Angeles, CA 90036

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