The Lapse

The Lapse


Gern Blandsten

The Lapse is Chris Leo and Toko Yasuda of the Van Pelt and the music clearly reflects that, picking up pretty much where the Van Pelt left off. (Dave Leto played drums on this record, but from the way the liner notes present that information, it doesn’t seem like he’s a permanent member.) Once again, the hypnotically melodic indie rock tapestry of bass and guitar serves as a base for Chris’ spoken/sung lyrics, which almost seem like rants at times. Toko sings a couple songs on this, too. There are some great songs on here, but some are taking a little while to settle in with me. Part of my fascination with the Van Pelt was due to experiencing their live presence. I haven’t gotten to do that yet with the Lapse, which may explain why only some of the songs are lodged in my head instead of the whole bunch. Gern Blandsten, P.O. Box 356, River Edge, NJ 07661

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