The Silos

The Silos


Checkered Past

Once again, a Silos album. Once again, a difficult review. Though the Silos use well-worn songwriting and instrumental methods, there’s something special about their twists of the wrist, the way the melodies sway and the lyrics are delivered that allow them to transcend what would otherwise be a beery bar band sound. What so-called “roots rockers” are doing now, the Silos did ten years ago. In a couple of instances — “Prison Song,” “Front Porch,” “I Like You” — the band uses a heavy beat loop and sparse Mitchell Froom-like production to achieve an effect that will appeal to Soul Coughing fans, but despite these updates, the Silos’ sound remains timeless. Checkered Past Records, 1456 North Dayton, Suite 295, Chicago, IL 60622

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