Wailing Souls

Wailing Souls

Psychedelic Souls

Pow Wow

Cover records usually evoke one of two responses — “loved it” or “hated it.” The artist(s) covering sometimes enhance or update the song(s) with positive results, while many purists finds fault in any deviance from the genuine article. Reggae icons Wailing Souls have earned a HUGE “loved it” from this reviewer for this effort. Psychedelic Souls is an interesting assemblage of sixties-era rock /folk tunes — from Donavan and the Doors to Hendrix and Harrison (George), the Souls stir up each with a roots reggae beat.

Choice cuts include their renditions of “Love Her Madly,” “Like a Rolling Stone,” “My Sweet Lord” (Jah), “My Generation,” and the lesser known Hendrix tune “May this be Love (Waterfall).” Perhaps most interesting is the Wailing Souls updated version of their old tune “War Down at the Pawn Shop,” which features Sublime members Bud (drums) and Eric (guitar). Sublime created its own version on their last album, Sublime, simply called “Down at the Pawn Shop.” This version blows minds because it gives you two great tastes that taste great together! There are also other reggae artists who contribute to Psychedelic Souls, including Sly Dunbar, RAS1, and Rob Valleri. Hop on this magic carpet and trip to a new beat. Pow Wow Records, 1776 Broadway, New York, NY 10019

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