Quit Your Job

Quit Your Job

by James Kochalka

Alternative Press

James Kochalka has to be one of the freshest voices in comics today. Not because he explores in detail the dark crannies of the human psyche, but because his tales seem to be so ordinary, even when things are most definitely not right. Quit Your Job is the story of Magic Boy, and how he skips out on work — with his talking cat. They go down to the coffee shop, where they’re attended by MB’s surly friend — a robot. And so on.

Kochalka’s drawing style is fairly simple, yet extremely expressive. With a handful of thick strokes, he can precisely convey the blanketing silence of a snowstorm, or a cat’s boneless grace; a perfect complement to his unusual storylines. Quit Your Job is a wonderful, fast read. From a classical standpoint, it doesn’t really do anything — there is no triumph of good over evil, nor some massive internal realization amidst washes of philosophy. Still, even after the inconclusive ending, it’s a satisfying read. Alternative Press, 611 NW 34th Dr., Gainesville, FL 32607-2429

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