Meat Beat Manifesto

Meat Beat Manifesto

with DJ Josh Wink

Salvation, Miami • November 15, 1998

On the evening of November 15th, the atmosphere at club Salvation in South Beach was electrifying, with corridors illuminated with brilliant lighting. Early visitors were treated to a musical prelude consisting of ambient and trance style grooves. This provided the ideal introduction for the entrance of special guest DJ Josh Wink and his wall of sound. During his one hour set, Josh crafted a well-orchestrated collage of electronic, trance, and electro dance music, holding visitors in a hypnotic state. Combining the use of video images and sequenced rhythms, Josh delivered his musical escapades in very unpredictable and climactic ways. However, this was only a warm-up for the upcoming electro feast provided by Meat Beat Manifesto.

Upon entering the laser lighted stage, Jack Dangers and company provided a sonic boom of lighting and electronic wizardry pumping at maximum volume. The precision visual spectacle was carefully sculpted to provide the ideal mood for each entrancing song. Meat Beat’s musical elements could be felt as they traveled through the skin and bone of everyone on the dance floor. In essence, Jack Dangers had achieved a celestial bond with his audience; a new form of communion. Fans gathered on the dance floor, along the staircase, and atop the second floor, and could not help moving to the relentless pulses of the evening.

Jack deployed all of his playing and vocal talents with an emotionally energizing performance. Always staying one step ahead of the beat, Jack kept a maglite flashlight in his mouth so that he could see the knobs and keys, allowing his hands the freedom needed to play his twin towers of synthesizers. When Jack was not busy tweaking away at his sonic knobs, he was performing rhythmic vocals to classics like “Original Control” and the current hit single “Acid Again.”

The live drums and additional keyboardist brought a sense of unity on stage, giving the band a structured appearance. Each song was intertwined with the next to supply an element of perpetual sound. EBM and trance junkies were engulfed by the glimmering visuals and the ground shaking beats.

To keep things fresh, Jack reassembled the live versions of the tracks to give each one a distinct flavor on stage. Two large video screens displayed a combination of various TV outtakes and computer-enhanced imagery ideally suited for each aural assault. Other crowd pleasers included “3 Floors Above You” and “Mindstream,” which resulted in a mass of dancing fans. It seemed as though the audience lost control of their bodily movements and allowed themselves to be driven by the pulsating sounds and voices.

Many Meat Beat fans will recall their monumental performance at the 1993 Bayfront Park Rave, where the band played alongside electro colleagues 808 State and Utah Saints. That show brought MBM onto a higher platform, with the most powerful and technically advanced sound and lighting system available. And after their massive performance at Salvation, the band’s music and image continue to pave the path others will take in their quest for electro stardom.

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