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Introducing Cadallaca


Is there a showdown between Kathleen Hannah and Corin Tucker to see who can produce the best post-riot grrrl music? Right now I’d have to call it a draw. Kathleen Hannah gets major quality points for her Julie Ruin project, while Ms. Tucker get quantity votes for Sleater-Kinney’s three albums and this project, Cadallaca. Cadallaca sports a garagey trio featuring Corin Tucker’s distinctive voice and guitar play, the guitar and vocals from Riot Grrrl vet Sarah Dougher and drummer sts. The sound is truer rock and roll than Sleater-Kinney, but they can’t shake that Olympia sound entirely. Less overtly political and far more accessible than the bulk of Tucker’s work, Introducing Cadallaca is still an impressive record. K Records, P.O.Box 7154, Olympia, WA 98507

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