Big Soap

Big Soap


Deary Me

“I hate this!” I exclaimed to Drew as I waggled the disc stuck on the tip of my index finger. Silver on one side, a deep green on the other, the disc was completely devoid of markings. With two jillion CD cases nearby, the matter of settling exactly who it was looked grim. I decided to pop it in the player — maybe it would suck, and I’d be spared the agony of reuniting this orphaned piece of crap with its protective case.

No such luck. It rocked, from the go, untamed outbursts worthy of Brainiac, or Scratch Acid, except with a wild theremin and alto sax swirling high atop the mayhem. The frustration! Who was this? Can I get away with reviewing “Green Disc”? A frenzied search brought up the discs’ packaging, clever pasteboard, interesting art but lousy at keeping the disc in place — the seams had given out.

Situation under control, I can tell you that Big Soap are big, powerful, unstoppable, and put Betzer’s clarinet/sax/theremin skills to good use. Fans of that inexorable Chicago sound (Jesus Lizard, Rapeman, and other Albini productions), or perhaps the filthy guttural Lower East Side clique (Cop Shoot Cop, Skeleton Key) will certainly appreciate it. Deary Me Records, P.O. Box 19315, Cincinnati, OH 45219;

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