Bombay the Hard Way

Bombay the Hard Way

Guns, Cars and Sitars


I’ve been hearing about this compilation since shortly after its predecessor, Vampyros Lesbos, was released to well-deserved critical acclaim. Featuring the psycedelic jazz work of two German film composers, Lesbos was a heady stew of B-movie cliches and fusion wizardry. The folks at Motel became instant heroes (at least for me) and after enduring my adulations at a music convention, promised a followup, this one with the work of Indian film composers.

Two years later, here it is. No idea what took it so long, but music like this is worth waiting for. You may expect some crazy sitar music, and that’s a little bit of what you get. There’s also space jazz, there’s chicka-chicka blaxpoitation (or Brownsploitation, in this case) soul, some quotes from film work, there’s DJs adding drum tracks and sweetening the mix… not exactly an objective documentary of composers Kalyan V. and Anandji V. Shah’s vision, but one that at least brings their particular take on film music to light. Even the Enigma-like mutation of “My Guru” finds it hard to squash the chilling trance of the original sitar. This is followed by “Ganges A Go-Go,” a steamin’, cookin’ burnin’ number. It’s as hot as Chicken Vindaloo!

Needless to say, if you enjoyed Vampyros Lesbos, this is right up your alley. Anyone interested in meldings of Eastern and Western influences, or into film music, or into pastiche of soul should get this too. Be the first kid on your block! Motel Records, 210 East 49th St., NYC, NY 10017

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